Dens and drinks 

We spent the afternoon at G&G’s today. The “have laptop, will travel” motto still going strong. Grandad was in full wind-up mode today and not long after we arrived he was in full flow. “Why are you wearing your slippers?” he asked me. I was wearing perfectly normal shoes. Hilarious. It went downhill from there. The icing on the cake was hearing A complaining “leave my hair alone” several times; I muttered to mum that T had been annoying her all morning and was obviously carrying it on at their house. She replied that “I think it’s your father”. It was. 

We went out for a walk over at Nomansland which we always enjoy. I loved it over there as a child and it’s still a lovely place to walk. T began dismantling a den and rebuilding it as an A-frame shelter, the way he’d been taught at scouts. It didn’t take long for G&G to be co-opted into helping out. I think they had as much fun as he did. 

A had started making a “book” at grandmas, and when we got home she asked to use the computer to look up “inspirational quotes”. She found some rather nice ones (not too cheesy) and has printed them off and stuck them into her book. My favourite was telling the reader to remember that they are unique: there is no one else like them in the world; to never forget how special they are. She added her own one in, my nans motto “You never win by giving in”. 

A fine example of this is my lovely middle niece on K’s side of the family. She has (like many other 16 year olds) found out her GCSE results and has achieved the needed grades to do the course she wants to do at college. She’s never been as academic as her sisters but pulled out all the stops to make sure she could do the course, which she’s had her heart set on. Superstar. 

This evening I have been out for an impromptu drink with Mrs L. She rather greedily has had two holidays this summer and is due to go off for a third – yes a THIRD! – next week so our windows of opportunity to catch up were limited to say the least. It was a lovely evening. I’m not one for last minute outings but this was just the perfect way to end the day. 



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