Whan I started making a list of what the children needed to be bought before going back to school I came out in a bit of a cold sweat. I was even more worked up, when I woke up this morning, at the prospect of traipsing around Watford in an attempt to purchase all the things on my list. I’m already £50 down after buying T anew blazer and PE top from the school shop. I’d hoped that the credit card bill from the holiday would have arrived before today to give us a months grace bug no such luck. 

Off we went, list in hand, trying to be positive but with the certainty deep down that it would all go Pete Tong. 

Luckily, we’d stashed away some John Lewis vouchers so that seemed like a good place to start. Skirts and trousers for A – tick. Next stop shoes. £42 for a pair of shoes for a ten year old?! Seriously?! Unfortunately an H fitting kind of restricts where you can get these from. Thank god T’s feet seem to have lengthened and thinned out so he can get his from anywhere. Shoes – tick. 

We were now on a roll and whipped through the next 3 items on the list. Then to Rymans for stationary. Here I nearly had a meltdown. How hard can it be to chose a handwriting pen?! And then K started comparing pads of lined paper to find the best value for money. Time for refreshments. Sadly it doesn’t seem to be the done thing to order a vodka and tonic at eleven thirty in John Lewis cafe. They’re missing a trick frankly. 

All done by 1 o’clock. Can’t even think about how much was spent. Less than I anticipated after the bonus of £12 shoes for T in Primark (he went through three pairs of shoes last school year so we refused to pay more than thirty quid). He may not be able to walk by Christmas but as K’s mum would say “that’ll learn him”. 

Home for lunch and relief to see that my secret source was right and there was a removal van in the close. Relief that the awkwardness of the last two years will hopefully be at an end. Relief that I can have my blinds open; and leave my house without worrying about unpleasant confrontations; walk to school with A completely at ease. You get the picture.

More relief to see the visa bill on the mat. Another month til the spoils of the morning have to be paid for. 

So, the wine has been opened (actually a large bottle of Prosecco that we have been saving for a special occasion), a yummy dinner of our favourite fajitas and I’m ready for a lovely weekend. 

Friday. Relief. And breathe. 

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