Hello again

Hello again to you, Monday. How did you get here so soon? I was happily enjoying Saturday and Sunday but then you came along and somehow it’s all over. Is this the way it’s going to be from now on? 

And Sleep. I need to have a word with you too. I don’t know why but at weekends I don’t seem able to keep you around much past 7 am but when you meet up with Monday you don’t seem to want to go. Do you get on well with Monday but not with Saturday or Sunday? It would be great if you could sort out your differences with them and stick around a bit longer at the weekend. It doesn’t really help me deal with Monday when I wake up late and fuzzy headed. 

Oh yes, and Weather?! What are you playing at? How is this helping me and Monday work at this “friends” thing? You messed up the family walk to Flamstead yesterday morning and made Saturday the hottest day for weeks when you knew I was going to be at Nan’s all day. I should have thought the least you could do was stick a smile on, today of all days. Not impressed. Not impressed at all.   

Ok Monday, now you’re here I suppose I’d better get up and get on with you. Please be nice. I promise to try. 




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