Happiness in a box and in a text, but not on a shoe.

It was a big day today for my lovely Miss T. It was the day of the court hearing to ascertain if Little Miss would be staying with her permanently or…………….or not. The alternative does not bear thinking about and I have refused to contemplate it. It was scheduled for 2pm and I wasn’t expecting any news until later this evening. But a text arrived around 2pm saying that it was all settled and Little Miss is now officially lovely Miss T’s daughter. To say I am happy for them both is a ridiculous understatement. Simply can’t be happier news. Ever. So many fantastic years ahead of watching her grow up to be as amazing as her mum. Bring it on.

A fellow stationary-lover friend of mine recently put me on to a website that makes all sorts of lovely, lovely stationary type things. I am in heaven every time I take a look. Then she told me that they have a club. Yes, a club for stationary-lovers. For around £10 you can order a “Happy Paper Club” box, which is posted out at the end of the month. You can do this every month if you like or just when you feel like it. On a whim (who me?) I ordered one while we were on holiday and have waited very patiently (not really) for it to arrive. And today it came. Excited doesn’t come close.  It’s not just a box of stationary. There are lovely little stickers on the outside of the box and it’s contents are wrapped in tissue paper. It’s a thing of beauty. I had to almost physically restrain myself from ripping the box open and instead opened it carefully with K’s letter opener thing and then reverently unwrapped the contents. Oh how lovely it is. I have some postcards, some gift tags, a letter writing set, an inspiring motto on a card, and a beautiful notebook. Enclosed with the contents is a newsletter from the company owner, and this in itself was quite nice. It all fits in very nicely with my blog and the reason for it’s existence – trying to find happiness in little things. She talks about September being a time for a mental “new year” and reflecting on things that have gone well so far this year, and what can be improved on for the remaining 4 months of the year. Very thought provoking. And I have a lovely new notebook to write ideas down in!

paper club

I have finally managed to catch up briefly with Mrs F, who very kindly invited A round to “help” again today as she was looking after her niece and nephew. The holidays are great (up until week 5 – see yesterday’s blog) but they do rather hinder my social life and my “Jane” days. Roll on the 11th September – sounds like months away – when we can “do our thing”!

On this day of happy things, even my dear daughter treading in dog s**t and not noticing until we were 3 miles down the motorway (what’s that smell?!) cannot make me unhappy. As the motivational card in my happy box says ” the sunniest day has it’s clouds but, one must never forget, the sun is there all the time”. I’m very grateful for all my little rays of sunshine and it’s very good to know they are always there. Mwah!


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