D Day

The day has arrived. And nearly gone. So in theory we’re almost one day down already. (Trying sooooo hard to be positive right now). 

Unsurprisingly I didn’t sleep well last night. I’d actually enjoyed the weekend. Lots of distractions in the form of a fantastic memory making day with Miss T and Little Miss J and Mrs F on Saturday and even yesterday wasn’t too bad. I’m incredibly grateful to my amazing friends who are all looking after me in their own wonderful ways. A cupcake from Mrs Lovely and a bag of goodies (one item for each day) from Mrs F (a bar of delicious dark choc today – I can see my friends all think I’m a foodie – and how right they are!) as well as very kind texts and messages. Anyone would think I was bereaved. In some ways if feels like that. 

Anyway back to last night. We had lots of cuddles and hugs before bed and she was very excited. We’d been given the itinerary for each day in advance and T went through each day with her so she knew what to expect. She’s very like me for wanting to know what’s going to happen. Control freaks. She went off to sleep quite happily and I enjoyed Downton before going up as well. About ten minutes after I got into bed she appeared in my room a bit wild eyed and making no sense whatsoever. Sleep walking? Never happened before. She came to and I got her back to bed. Only to have her then calling me in half hour later as she couldn’t sleep! Not a great omen for the next day! 

She got up and was perfectly cheerful and excited and oblivious to the previous nights commotion. Good. I was upbeat (hopefully in a non-Stepford wife way) and excited for her. We got to school. We hung around. A lot. A couple of mums I know reasonably well caught my eye and raised a brow in a “you ok?” way. Not helpful but thanks. Mrs Lovely was perfect. K was able to come which helped too. 

Then it was time to go. A massive hug and I nearly lost it. Held it together again and went off out to the coach. I got held up behind other parents and we only managed a “bye love you” across the car park as she strode off  to get on the coach. I’m so proud of my brace independent girl. No hanging around waiting for the other girls to see where they were sitting. Straight on. In her seat near the front and waving out the window to me. She was soon joined by two of the girls who sat behind and then just as they were getting ready to go Mrs Eggar sat next to her. And off they went. 

We got back to the car just in time before the waterworks started. From relief more than anything. Yes I am going to miss her ridiculously lots but I’m so proud of her. I don’t think I was ever that brave and even now I hate going to events or nights out on my own. 

Tonight I am going to snuggle up with Jerry, who I have been given custody of for the week, and T and I are going to have a Smallville session. With some chocolate. And stalk the school account on Twitter. 

Day one – done. 




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