Day 2 

Day two nearly over so in theory nearly halfway through….

Today I decided to find positives in being out of my normal routine. K left for work at 6am and T got up at 7am then left at 7.40am for the bus. I’d normally be up somewhere between 7am and him leaving. But today I didn’t have to go anywhere. I’ve decided to work from home (WFH) this week so I didn’t even really need to get dressed! 

After T left I made a cup of tea and some toast and ate it in bed whilst reading my book. Very lazy and indulgent and I loved it! I’m reading a book that Mrs C from book club lent me and it’s perfect for this week. I’d been reading some thrillers which were a bit unsettling and not what I needed this week. 

As I’m WFH and don’t need to leave the house I’ve slobbed out all day in joggers and hoody. Warm and toasty. No going out in the rain and cold to do the school run! 

It’s been quite nice not going up to school. I dreamt last night that I’d turned up and everyone thought I’d gone mad. (Too potentially possible to be shrugged off as a silly dream!) It’s a good insight into this time next year when I won’t ever need to set foot in the village school again. I will still have a school run to do big it’ll be more a case of chucking them out of the car a mile away from Roundwood in the morning and then attempting to get a parking space to collect them in the afternoon! No standing in the playground feeling like I wished I was somewhere else. I will miss my talks with Mrs Lovely but she can’t get rid of me easily and I will still see her regularly. And I will see Mrs C at book club. Can’t think of anyone else I will miss! 

So, although I have thought about her ALL day “she’ll be having lunch now”, “steering the boat this afternoon”, “dinner time”, etc. it has been just bearable and I have had some positive moments. 

(My Tuesday package from Mrs F was a pack of sticky notes. With a message “you and I are more than just friends, we’re like a really small gang.” Love it. Made me smile. As have the text messages checking in on me from some lovely people. Thank you.) 


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