Naughty not blogging. I need to get back in the swing of the daily blog and the “happiness hunting”. It hasn’t been a bad week. Busy and hard to get back in to the routine of packed lunch, homework and school run, but generally OK.

Highlights from a happy point of view:-

T telling me that he had been given a level 6++ in a maths lesson for effort and contribution. Fab news as we all know he’s struggled, particularly with a lack of confidence which has meant a reluctance to contribute in class.

Beautiful sunny days.

Having cuddles with my girl and reading together in the evening; starting a new book.

Making progress with my latest knitting project – a seasonal item which therefore needs to be made before the winter has been and gone, so great news that it’s nearly a third complete. I started it at the end of August. It’s not a huge undertaking but it dind’t feel right knitting on light evenings. Now that the nights are drawing in again (that sounds like an old-person’s expression) it seems more fitting. And I have my new light to knit under. Happy days (nights).

A trip to Runnymede on Sunday. Lovely walk by the Thames. Lunch in the National Trust cafe (always a winner). Interesting art installation in the middle of a field – 12 bronze chairs (it was called “The Jurors”) sculpted with images and symbols¬†depicting various struggles for freedom (religious or otherwise) throughout time. It was fascinating.

And now it is nearly the start of my weekend. Friday tomorrow and going out with mum. Cake and Bake show on Sunday with A.

Mucho blogging will no doubt follow.


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