Lots of little things

This week has had its challenges. Whenever we have any jobs done around the house we always end up with some element not quite working out the way we hoped and this week was no exception. We have bought a new hob and oven and after getting a quote from a recommended electrician we had them installed on Monday. K had agreed to work from home with me so that he was available in the event of any issues (experience making us cynical and quite rightly so) but I had stupidly not factored in the issue off power. As in they would need to turn the power off in order to remove the old appliances and install the new ones. No power = no router = no emails. Oops. Off to the office I trotted and with every passing minute of the journey another email plopped into my imaginary inbox, so by the time I finally arrived I was expecting a mammoth task awaiting me and how right I was. The day went downhill from there. K texted to say that the electrician had misquoted as he hadn’t realised that the gas fitting we had was the sort it is and would need a qualified gas safe engineer to cap it off. Oh and it would cost us another £60+. Er, OK.

Came home and collected A from school and then home again to yet more emails. Finally stopping to look at new oven ready to start dinner. Oven needs burning off for an hour before using. Rethink dinner.

The week progressed in this vein – nothing truly awful but enough niggly annoying things to make it not the best week. The highlight was the lovely casserole I carefully prepared on Wednesday and put in the oven in plenty of time so that we could eat at a decent time, only to find when checking on it at 6pm that I had only turned the dial enough on the oven to put the light on and not any actual heat. Dinner was finally ready at 7.15pm. And not particularly delicious either. I missed book club as A was feeling unwell. I then spent the entire night feeling sick. Will this week ever end, I wondered?
Luckily after a pretty diabolical day on Thursday the light was shining from the end of the tunnel and finally it was Friday.

However, in spite of all the niggles, I have laughed until my stomach hurt courtesy of Mrs Lovely (and her poo related story), I have been knitting like a demon and my winter project is very nearly complete, I have spent time with a lovely friend and been taken in hand by Mrs F – she sorted me out good and proper and my garden will be all the better for it. I have had the pleasure of cooking on my new hob and in my new oven which I will forever thank K’s dear old nan for enabling me to have. Bless her soul.


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