Be a bit crazy


I saw this picture on Instagram today and it struck a chord with me. I don’t think there’s enough craziness in our house. On Saturday night I went upstairs mid-Strictly for a quick toilet break (too much info?) and T was in his room reading whilst throwing a sponge juggling ball up in the air. As I poked my head round his door to say hello he shouted “catch” and the ball was thrown missile-like at my head. A mini battle ensued (I have quite a good aim) and we ended up screaming with laughter. It occurred to me then that this is a rare occurrence. I don’t mean that our house is a sombre mausoleum but we don’t often scream with laughter. We have a laugh and a joke and sometimes someone will come out with something very funny and we will all howl but it’s not laugh-a-minute crazy. More spontaneous fun would be great. Food for thought.


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