The best times of the day

There are certain times of day when I feel very lucky. And happy. 

I wake up early most days and, depending on how dark it is, I normally lay in bed thinking. Sometimes it’s productive – mental lists of things to do; other times it’s slightly more negative – things I’m worried about or wishing I could go back to sleep. I battle with it less these days and try and make it a positive thing. If it’s light enough I will read. But on a weekday morning, regardless of how long I have been laying there awake thinking or reading, my lovely boy comes in to lay with me and hug. Just for a few minutes but its always very heartfelt and special. He’s thirteen and getting more grown up every day but he still wants a hug from me when he wakes up. 

The next best bit is picking my girl up from school. Yes, she’s in year 6 and I’m still waking her to and from school. She just likes the time together and I have to agree that I do too. It’s so lovely to see her gorgeous face when she emerges from the classroom. And then to walk home hand in hand (most days). One of her friends told her I’m overprotective because I walk her to and from school. She replied that it’s because she likes being with me and it makes her happy. You didn’t say fairer than that. 

The last best bit is dinner time. We try as often as possible to eat together in the evening. This has got easier as the children have got older, as we can eat later if need be. They chat about funny things that happened at school or on the bus; or about things that are bothering them; of they listen to K and I talk about our days. Not always – we do have meals that are pushed around plates and I subsequently rant about how much effort I’ve made to produce the meal, etc etc. 

Special little things that make the day pass more easily. I hope when they stop they get replaced with other moments. I will miss them. 


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