All change 

K’s parents have talked about moving house for at least fifteen years. They’ve toyed with retirement villages and looked at bungalows near where his brother lives. His mums mobility has deteriorated a lot in recent years and the move has become more necessary. But K’s nans ill health took priority and any thoughts of moving were put on the back burner. When nan died in January we wondered if they would think about moving in to her bungalow. K’s mum was pretty adamant that it wouldn’t feel right. And I could understand that to a degree: nan (and grandad) had lived there for such a long time it would feel a bit weird. But this summer, when nans stuff had been sorted through and things cleared out, it was decided that it would be the most sensible solution to their needs.

So they have had some work done and have been taking boxes of belongings over bit by bit, and this weekend they officially moved in. We visited yesterday and they seem very happy. They’ve had a new bathroom installed and the kitchen will be replaced next month. I did wonder if K would find it strange but he seemed fine and we were soon helping sort stuff out. It will take a while to stop thinking of it as nans house and there were a few slips of the tongue referring to it as nans bungalow or the old house as home but that will soon stop.

We also wanted to go to the cemetery to see the updated headstone. The children didn’t attend the burial part of the funeral back in January so it was nice for them to see the grave and for us to see it all grassed over and the headstone in place. We took nans favourite white roses and the children helped place them in the flower holders at the grave. T looks very serious in the photo and A is beaming. How different they are. A was pleased to finally get to see the grave and wore nans watch and earrings that she had inherited. T was a little more somber.


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