Walls, whispering and wishes

Today the wall is going up between the lounge and the dining room. I have been very excited about the prospect of the potential for change in the two rooms as a result of them being divided and as the work progresses I am not disappointed. So far, anyway. We have been sitting in the lounge these past few evenings saying “ooh think how cosy it will be after the wall goes up”. I am trying to focus on the positive reasons for having the work done. I am trying not to be unnerved by the prospect of the big decorating task we have imposed on ourselves: all of the lounge is going to need lining paper and paint as we may now have to remove the dado rail (yay) and fill the mess that it leaves behind (oh) as lovely P the builder can’t find any matching rail (unsurprisingly as it is probably 20 years plus since it was put up!); and the dining room is having an overhaul, getting rid of the garish wallpaper (we were feeling “bold” when we moved in and thought it was a good idea) and repainting. Not sure how we will fit it all in before Christmas but we will give it a go!

It’s a shame that this is happening on a day when A would like to be curled up on the settee in front of the TV. She woke up yesterday with a sore throat but perked up as the day progressed. But after a very bad nights sleep (or lack of) she is feeling proper poorly and can barely speak. We have been talking in whispers so that she doesn’t strain her throat and I am sure the builders must think we are very odd! It’s been quite peaceful though. Always a sliver lining.

Whilst she has been laying in bed (or more truthfully, laying on my bed watching CBBC), she has been working on her Christmas Wish List. She has decided on a few things, mainly books and art stuff – all very inexpensive and easy to find. I’m most excited about the one thing that she doesn’t think she has a hope of getting – a sewing machine. Little does she know that I have already managed to get hold of one for half the price of a new one on a parent selling network and it is fab! It’s barely been used and is from John Lewis so easy to get bits for if needed. It’s in a box on top of our wardrobe and is positively winking at me every time I go in our room. Shhh!


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