Unnecessary Words

I could kick myself. Hard.

Lately, I have been trying to stop myself from stating the obvious. Not just generally speaking, but in conversations with my kids. Things like “don’t spill that on the carpet” or “eat your peas”. Why would either of them deliberately spill something on the carpet? They are thirteen and nearly eleven years old. And quite sensible.They know I like things not to be spilled. Why do I say it? So, I am trying to stop. In the hope that they will hear me when I actually do say something important. (Can you tell I’ve been reading a teen self-help book?)

I’ve been doing quite well. I thought I had got it pretty well under control. Yes, it’s early days. I have been doing this over-parenting thing for some time now (thirteen years to be precise) and I am bound to slip up from time to time, when I’m tired or just generally a nit narky, but I am so cross with myself for this one.

T has Youth Club after school today and this morning, before he left for school, he said he would need to come home first to get his cash-card so he could withdraw some money for a snack and drink. He didn’t come in at the time I expected and by about half hour past that time I thought I would just text him to check in to see what he had decided to do. Realise that this is already overkill. I need to stop the mum-checks. He’s thirteen, Jane. But my next move when he replied “S lent me some money” just beggars belief and as soon as I sent it I was horror-struck.

My words: “don’t forget to pay her back”.

What was I thinking????????

I will apologise when he comes home. I can’t bother him with a mum-guilt text on top of all that. Must try harder. Again.

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