Let the countdown begin

Today I have begun a 6 week countdown. At the end of this time I hope to be slimmer and feeling healthier. I’m not doing some crazy fad, I’m just eating healthy foods and thinking more about what goes in my body. I’ve never been a health freak but I’ve always been aware of what is good and what isn’t for me. I’ve been a yo-yo dieter for years and years but none of my weight gains have been the result of lack of knowledge about what is healthy to eat. It’s not difficult to grasp that high fat foods like crisps and chips are less beneficial than an apple or some grapes.

But for some reason I can’t always make my willpower fall in line with what my brain knows.

I have cookbooks galore – Hairy Dieters (times two), 6 Weeks to Sugar Free, Lighter Way to Bake, Fast Diet made Easy, The GI Plan – to name but a few. Some say that there are good fats, and that we should embrace full fat milk and butter but not eat any sugar (do you know how hard that is?) and others extol the virtues of fat free foods and high sugar products like Muller Light yogurts. (Personally I would rather stick a pin in my eye than eat a Muller Light). The one thing they all agree on is that less is more.

So, I am focusing on just eating fresh, unprocessed foods with a few treats like nuts and dried apricots thrown in for good measure. I’m not “doing a Bridget Jones” (she of diary fame, who would start the day on the Atkins, switch to the F plan by lunch and be on Weight Watchers in time for dinner). I’m taking the bits that make sense. If I’m going to have butter in a sandwich or on a jacket potato I want actual butter and not some flavourless spread that is toxic in colour and probably no better for me than some wood-filler. I’m going to have full fat Greek yogurt because it’s the only one I can find that doesn’t have any added sugar or sweeteners. But these will be used sparingly and in conjunction with lots of fruit, veg and unprocessed meat. I might have the odd bit of chorizo thrown in with other stuff and I am still going to have the odd bit of cheese.

I hope I can stick to it. I want to feel healthier. I want to show my two lovely skinny kids a good example of eating healthily. (I was skinny once). I don’t want to be stick thin now, but I just want to feel “better”. Six weeks to see if it makes a difference. Here’s hoping.


One thought on “Let the countdown begin

  1. gilllilley

    Good luck my friend. I find using a smaller plate fools me into thinking I have more food but then I am simple.
    I can also recommend Tesco 0% fat natural yoghurt.x


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