I have always had annoying habits. When I was a teen I would bite my nails to the quick. I went through a phase of pulling my eyebrows and nearly pulled one entire eyebrow off. I jiggle my legs and feet (a habit which I find incredibly annoying when anyone else does it). When my hair gets too long (yes, this is possible for someone with very short hair) I twiddle the bit just behind my ear and make it all split-ended. I twist my rings and pick at my fingers. I’m quite annoying really. I would hate to sit next to me.

But it’s the other habits, the ones I didn’t really know I had, that are bothering me today. When I started the Six Week Countdown (it deserves capitals as it’s Important) I saw myself eating filling healthy foods and snaking on fruit and not dreaming of biscuits. I didn’t think I really ate much of that sort of stuff, so how would I miss it?

How wrong I was.

I came home this afternoon from work and picked A up from school. Came in, made a cup of tea and OH! What can I have to eat with my cup of tea? I didn’t have one yesterday as I was WFH and the whole “afternoon cut off” didn’t happen as A had dancing. (Not sure what happened on Tuesday but can only think I was in the first day flush of eating healthily and it didn’t cross my mind. But today it is wet and miserable outside and I needed a cup of tea). I hadn’t realised what a habit my after school-pick-up cup of tea is. And how I normally always have something with it. Not necessarily a biscuit but maybe some oatcakes (choc chip, so yes actually a biscuit) or some other sort of quasi-healthy “treat”. I haven’t succumbed to anything from the cupboard but I am feeling a bit put out. I need to find something that I can have (in emergencies like this) that won’t ruin the “healthy” me. Alternatively, I need to not have the cup of tea.

Another problem point of the day is the evening after the children have gone upstairs (I can’t say “to bed” as they don’t generally do that straight away) and K and I are sitting down for a bit. He normally has a coffee and I normally eat something. Maybe some nuts and raisins or some dried apricots. I don’t want a coffee else I will be awake in the night needing to pee (too much information?) But I am trying to stick to a certain amount of “treats” a day and if I have had something with a meal like cheese or a slightly higher fat product like chorizo stuck in my pasta then I can’t really have something in the evening as well. Another habit that I need to break. Or re-jig my meals so that I can!

Not massive issues but it has brought home to me the amount of eating I do through habit. Or did. I am spending the day with mum tomorrow and that it going to be a minefield. We normally pop out to the shops somewhere for a “mooch” and invariably go for coffee as soon as we get there. Coffee and….? Maybe a scone or a biscuit. And then lunch maybe at John Lewis or M&S or if we go back to mum and dad’s for lunch then the treat box normally shows its face. It’s lovely little face. I am going to have to be strong. Got to kill these habits.


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