Yet more guilt

After nearly ten years of doing the school run and going to meetings and parents evenings and assemblies, I am still astonished that I feel guilty when I can’t attend an event.

A has an assembly on Wednesday to showcase photos and videos from their residential trip. I signed up straight away – of course I want to see what she did and see her get her certificate. The day after I signed up, another email arrived detailing a Maths Fun Session. (The irony of this title was not lost on me – two words that do not belong in the same sentence). I was advised that I would be receiving a personal invite to the session from my child that they had hand-drawn. The date? Thursday. Not next Thursday. The Thursday after the assembly on Wednesday. Really? Yes, A came home and very excitedly presented her invite – all secret squirrel “what can it be?”. Oh the guilt. I explained it was the day after the Aylmerton trip assembly and that I really wanted to attend that one but couldn’t really attend both. Her reply was typical A – that’s fine, it sounds a bit weird anyway mum.

But it’s still in the back of my mind. She’s struggling with maths and having additional group sessions with her teacher to help bring her up to the level she should be. Will me not going to this “fun” session hinder that process? Should I make the time to go to the school 2 days running to ensure that I know what she needs me to help her with? I suspect that this session is going to be very similar to one I attended a few years back with T and will consist of a few tables with some games on for me to do with my child. It was excruciating. I would rather scrape my nails down a blackboard (chalkboard? interactive white board?).

My over-riding feeling about this is that I shouldn’t have to feel guilty. Surely the assembly was on the schedule when the maths session was planned? Surely the powers that be realised that some parents would be invited to both? Do they not know that some parents have jobs? Yes, I know I say it all the time that I am lucky I work from home a lot and can be around for these things nine times out of ten and blah blah blah, but two days running!? Really?


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