In other news(feeds)

As well as the 6 week healthy eating blah blah blah, I have not logged on to Facebook for over three weeks. I still have access to my groups via an app (so I can sell or buy stuff, and see my lovely bookclub ladies posts) but other than that I have been “newsfeed” free.

Have I missed it? No. Have I felt like I am out of the loop? No. Do I still have contact with people? Yes, real people who I like talking to. In real life.

I had dinner with my friend A on Wednesday night (social whirl or what? out two nights running!) and in the course of conversation there were a couple of “did you see on Facebook?”s and I just said, “no, I must have missed that”. No big deal. She filled me on the details and we moved on. I have just this evening had to log in to clear some “for sale” posts that I can only remove from the website rather than the group app, and I had more than 30 notifications. I scanned them briefly without looking at the Newsfeed and there was only one thing that vaguely interested me. But I didn’t feel in any way compelled to respond.

Hooray. Perhaps the conundrum was not much of one after all.

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