A different perspective

As you know we’ve had a wall built between our lounge and dining room. K has been decorating the dining room and we’ve also had a bit of a change around. The dining table and sideboard are in a different place and we have taken out my desk, with the plan to add in a couple of slim bookcases (when we can find some that we like).

Consequently, I no longer have a desk to work at. As I only WFH twice a week it’s no great loss and the room looks much better without it. So, I am now parking myself at the dining table with my laptop and other gear around me. My desk used to face the wall and I used to be sat with my back to the room and the window. I didn’t realise until now just how miserable this was. Now, I am in the middle of the room and have the window in front of me with the sun shining in; I can see straight out into the garden and the colours are gorgeous. We have a bush on the left hand side of the lawn that has stunning purple berries on at this time of year, and another at the end of the garden that has shed it’s leaves to reveal stunning red branches; my little pots of winter pansies are so pretty on the decking in front of me. Yes, we are surrounded by houses and our garden is not the longest in the world by a very long chalk but it’s so lovely to look up and not see a blank wall. In fact, it’s making my working days a lot easier to bear. Dare I say?…..happier!


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