I didn’t blog each day over Christmas. I’ve enjoyed being relatively computer free and I am still on my Facebook blackout so I have been relatively “social network” free as well. I say relatively; there is no getting away from technology it seems. I used the laptop on Boxing day to register G&G’s new coffee machine for them. And on Sunday, whilst visiting K’s side of the family, K’s sister in law showed me some photos on Facebook despite my protestations.

We’ve had a good break. We’ve spent time with my brother and his family, which was lovely. The children have been having long lie-ins and K and I have enjoyed some time off. There’s been some nice food thrown in there and some relaxing days doing not much. We’ve also had a long day up to Burton, over half of which was spent in the car. I think it was worth it, although K’s mum was on less than brilliant form and managed to upset at least half of the gathering at some point. Families eh?

I do find it a bit anti-climatic. The kids are thrilled with their new items and we have all genuinely enjoyed the break (does the lady protest too much?) but there always comes a point when the glow fades and the mood shifts. I think the point that killed it all for me was when K announced “well that’s Christmas over” on Monday night. I was sort of holding out for feeling festive-ish until the weekend. But he has a point, and being back at work has pretty much finished off any lingering hopes of lazy days.

One thing I am very proud of is the food side of things. I have eaten well and I thoroughly enjoyed my enormous Christmas lunch. I have had chocolates and nibbles. I have had cheese and wine. But all in moderation. And the scales are showing no gain (or loss, but that would be pushing it!) so I am chuffed to bits. I am determined to carry on into the New Year, and feel that the six week challenge that I set myself has spurred me on to a healthier me.

Highlights of the Christmas period: laughing with P and family and G&G on Christmas day; the children all getting on REALLY well together; knowing that Nan was happy and enjoying her day with Auntie; seeing Miss T and Little Miss J on FaceTime on Christmas morning.

Low points: having to question the plate of meat that was on offer at K’s brother’s house on Sunday. It was pork. Undercooked pork that K’s mum had provided. Increased the tension just a treat. Especially as it was deemed inedible and thrown in the bin; it all having to end and going back to the reality of shopping, cleaning, thank you letters. And not necessarily in that order. Why do children hate writing thank you letters? Oh, because they don’t know half the people and they have to make up stuff that they are going to spend the money on and it makes their hands hurt. That’s why. But still I make them do it. Mwah ha ha.





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