Another year

I’ve never been a fan of New Year’s Eve. As a teen I lived too far away from friends to really get involved in social events. As a twenty something I did the same as all my friends and went to the pub after much deliberation over which one to get tickets for. It normally turned out to be the wrong one (not busy enough/too busy/the bloke my friend fancied was at a different one) and we inevitably ended up depressed and wishing we had stayed at home. In adulthood (i.e. post arrival of children) we have attempted being sociable and have spent the evening with neighbours a couple of times. But it’s not really “us”. We like being at home. We like having a quiet evening with a takeaway and a bottle of plonk. We’re not big drinkers and I get nervous when it gets rowdy. The kids are older now and will try and stay awake. No-one wants to babysit and why pay someone when you are going literally 2 houses away? We’ve had the lovely Miss T to stay a few times which has been great but her life has changed this year beyond all imagination with the arrival of Little Miss J. So this year, it’s a quiet evening with a takeaway. Bliss. We’re going to do a ballot to choose a film or two to watch and just enjoy being together. Before the years of ferrying offspring to parties begins. And it will all come full circle.

No resolutions again this year. Last year I just wanted us to stay happy and make memories. I think I’ve achieved that. I can’t think of any better wish for the coming year. Health and happiness. For all my loved ones.


My highlights of 2015. My world.


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