First day 

In contrast to my antipathy towards New Year’s Eve I really enjoy the first of January. It’s the day that I generally get the house back to normal, start eating normal food again and start making little plans in my head. 

We always try and get out for a walk somewhere and today we headed to Rushmere Country Park with G&G and P and his family. P was late. We were freezing waiting. But once we set off we soon warmed up. It’s a good place for a walk as it has ups and downs, a lake, lots of forest to walk through and a cafe. And it normally takes around an hour. Perfect. Yet again the children all got along like a house on fire and a very pleasant time was had by all. 

We all went our separate ways after a cup of tea in the cafe. We headed home to a final indulgent lunch and all settled down to watch the first Star Wars film. I say the first but obviously I mean the fourth film but the first episode. I know, I’m confused too. 

I have been thinking about my blog and what I want it to focus on for the new year ahead. I don’t want to restart the happy challenge as I feel that I’m pretty focused on happy things. I’m just going to let it be whatever I feel I need it to be each day. But I am going to continue to be positive and see the funny side to things. 

It’s been interesting looking back through the last year and blogging has really helped me make decisions and appreciate my life more. 

Here’s to another year of happy days, annoying but funny events, general ramblings: family life at its best and worst. 



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