So far so good

How’s the new year going? Is it really the 6th of January already?

I’ve had a bad head for a few days (probably a sugar low after the chocolate consumption during Christmas ) and didn’t have much va va voom yesterday. However, my spirits were lifted by a text from Mrs L asking if I fancied going to the cinema at Watford next Thursday to see a screening of a production by the National Theatre of Jane Eyre. Did I fancy going? Silly question. As you should know by now, Jane Eyre is my favourite book of all time. I cannot wait.

Another text from Mrs F, making plans for our Janey Day on Friday, brightened me further. We are planning more walking and less shopping (well a bit less, we can’t do away with it altogether) and have resolved to be more adventurous with our time.

Sadly I missed book club last night; the bad head wouldn’t have survived it but I was very sad not to go. I have only missed one or two meetings at most since we started. Shame.

The house is empty today; I am home alone with only the radio for company. T was out for most of the morning yesterday so I have been eased into this gently but it’s still very quiet. Luckily we seem to have a parcel delivered most days so I get to see our postman (lady) and she’s always so cheerful and friendly (we are on first name terms – is that a bit worrying?) that she always makes me smile. Today is no exception; K’s new “retro” telephone has arrived which will hopefully put a smile on his rather miserable-to-be-back-at-work-face when he gets home.

So, it’s the 6th of January already and despite the bad head and missing Book Club I have reasons to smile. So far so good.




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