A little MORE conversation…

Like most siblings T & A tend to talk at each other or bicker rather than having conversations about mutually interesting topics. Let’s face it, K and I struggle to have meaningful conversations about mutually interesting topics. But I digress.

Most evening mealtimes (the only time we are all together in one room for a meal) the conversations are a bit one-sided: A telling me something; T telling me something; K telling us about his crap day; me telling them to stop talking over each other.  If A starts talking before T has finished (although he certainly seems to have finished) then all hell breaks loose. That kind of thing. It’s not great. And probably explains why I continue to eat so quickly (a habit I got into when T was a baby and I had to eat my meals in super-fast time before he stated crying again).

But last night, oh my goodness. I felt like I had been transported into another family’s dining room. With another family’s children and husband. (Does Daniel Craig have teens/pre-teens? Not saying K looks anything like Mr Craig but, as I’ve told you before, this is MY blog and I will dream if I want to. Again, I digress).

You see, The Kids were….wait for it……talking TO each other. They were having an actual CONVERSATION. And it lasted for almost the whole mealtime. It was incredible. The allowed each other to speak, they listened to each others opinions and seemed, dare I say it?, interested in what each other had to say…! They were talking about Science lessons and Maths and it was all way over my head but I loved every minute. Perhaps T is growing up? Well, I know he is but maybe he is maturing and not finding his sister quite so irritating? Or maybe A is growing up (again, obviously) and is not being so irritating. I have certainly found her to be quite pleasant this week (early doors, let’s not jump the gun) and not as argumentative as she usually is. (I’ve even heard them having mini-conversations upstairs. Without banging of doors or raised voices/quiet voices calling each other unpleasantries. It’s all a bit odd. Nice, but odd.)

I’m pretty sure that tonight we will return to our usual state and I will be glad when dinner is over (especially as I am going out for my trip to the cinema with Mrs Lovely), but I will cling to the memory of last night and hope that one day it will be the norm.



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