Last night Mrs Lovely and I went to our screening of Jane Eyre at Watford cinema. I hadn’t given too much thought as to how it would work as I didn’t want to be disappointed. I had some reservations when a very chipper lady introduced the play, saying it was a small company of around 10 actors using one set. I couldn’t see how they would possibly be able to convey the atmosphere of the various settings from the book and the numerous character just with ten people and a very basic set – comprising of a walkway and platforms and ladders. 

But it was brilliant. Clever; funny; ingenious use of lighting and simple costumes; the set was anything but basic – it was perfect. They kept to the main text of the book and included as much of the original dialogue as they could. It was wonderful. The screening ran for 3 hours 20 mins with a 20 minute interval. It felt like an hour at the most. I was so swept up in the story (that I know almost line by line by heart) that I almost felt like I was hearing it for the first time, but with the reassurance of knowing I would love it. 

A great night. 


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