Get moving

Following the weight loss of pre-Christmas I have challenged myself to try and maintain it and have realised that I need to move more (not a new realisation, more a little voice in my head that that I have studiously ignored but now it’s being a bit more vocal).

I have a desk job. I’m quite lazy; my hobbies don’t exactly scream “active”….knitting, reading, cooking. Not a great combination for being trim and fit.

However, I have been missing my daily walks to school (as much for the social aspect of seeing Mrs Lovely every day) and have been feeling very sluggish. I thought I had a plan. A plan to go cycling at least once a week with Mrs Lovely. She gave me her work timetable so that we could schedule the days when we were both free. She is already very active and attends a boot camp three mornings a week, work permitting, so we had planned that we would fit a bike ride in on the days that she isn’t busy. Great. Fantastic. I had myself all geared up and we were set to go last week. Weather took a turn to the cold side and icy roads were not very appealing. We decided on a walk instead. Then I felt poorly so we didn’t go. Moved it forward to this week instead. Then the new lady started at work and she goes into the office on Tuesdays and Thursdays – the days that I have traditionally gone in but had planned to change to a Wednesday to accommodate the bike ride – and it seems that my presence is expected. I suspect that she was encouraged to come in on those days as I would be there to lend a hand. Not being a boat-rocker I haven’t voiced my dislike of this arrangement and instead have had to put the bike ride plans firmly on the shelf for the time being.

However, not to be deterred from my new resolution (notice the absence of the word ‘year’ in that sentence? This is not a silly, flash in the pan, going-to-give-up-the-minute-I-start resolution made in the afterglow of a bottle or two of Prosecco) I have dusted off a fitness DVD (one session so far, that has given me very achy calf muscles); been swimming with Mrs F (twice now) doing 30 lengths each time; and upped my general walking in the realisation that I don’t need an excuse, like taking A to school, to leave the house and go for a walk. Genius. I have signed up to the Everyone Active scheme and am logging my five 30 minute active sessions that I have committed to doing each week. I get points for each activity and we all know “points mean prizes”. Actually, I’m not sure they do in this case but I guess I should see the fact that I will hopefully, eventually, get fitter as the true prize. I can’t see me joining Mrs Lovely at boot camp but it’s a start. And maybe I will get such big muscles that I won’t be scared to say I don’t want to come into the office on Tuesdays……





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