A big week


It’s not often we have so many things going on in one week and I only have control over one of them. This is not a situation I am comfortable with. Yes, I am a self-confessed control freak. And I do not like waiting for other people – or computer programmes in this instance – to make decisions for me and those I love.

Tomorrow is secondary school allocation day and we will find out if A is going to be attending the same school as T from September. Although I am 95% certain that she will get a place under the sibling rule, I am not taking anything for granted and will not be resting easy until I have the email confirming it. As well as the 5% doubt for our own situation, it is going to be tough to hear from friends who have not already got an older child in the secondary system. These families will undoubtedly be running the gauntlet of continuing interest lists and, potentially, the appeal boards. A’s class is roughly half-and-half younger siblings and eldest/only children. It’s going to be a tough time for all involved.

Also, this week we will find out if T has been lucky enough to be allocated the subjects he has chosen for GCSE. We have made it through the weeks on the schedule that were allocated for contacting parents of children who were thought to be aiming too low/high with their subject choices. Now it is all being fed into the computer to work out timetabling. If that goes in his favour then T will be happy. If not, then we will have to have some meetings with the school to work out what he can do and hope that we can make it as close to his original plan as possible.

The only event that will be planned and, hopefully, a success is A’s birthday on Thursday. I always think it is a shame that kids have to go to school on their birthday. I was lucky enough to have a birth-date that falls in May half term week so was always off school for my big day. K is the same with his birthday falling well into the summer holidays. T is sometimes lucky and has finished school for the summer before his birthday and other times he has a few days still to go depending on how the term runs. A, however, is always at school unless it falls on a weekend. She isn’t too bothered by this, as she gets to see her friends and wear a big badge announcing the occasion to the world. This year K is unfortunately at a meeting until late so won’t be home for when school ends, as he has managed to do in previous years. There’s not much time in the morning for presents so she will have to wait until after school – it seems very unfair to make her wait until K is home  – so we will go over to G&G’s for cake and gifts to make it a bit more special. I’m finishing work early so I can put the last minute touches to the cake that I plan to bake on Wednesday night. This year I have been tasked with an Emoji cake which I am banking on being a darned sight easier than the Jerry cake of last year – remember the giraffe head/face I was asked to make and just about managed? Surely a big yellow-iced round cake with a couple of black circles for eyes is manageable? At least that’s what I thought until last night when she asked if she had mentioned that she would quite like it to be the one where it is sticking it’s tongue out…..I now need to add pink icing to my list. And hope that I can make a tongue. Or something at least resembling a tongue.

It’s going to be a long week with lots of waiting for emails and letters. I am very glad we have a lovely birthday in the midst of it all, to take the pressure off of the less certain items on the agenda.



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