A medium sized week as it turned out

The anticipated “Big Week” has ended as a medium sized week. We are still none the wiser with regards to T’s options choices. Re-reading the schedule from school it seems that this week was not a definite for getting feedback. It says TBC. I assume by the lack of any communication it’s not this week then. But they haven’t confirmed when it will be. I know I’m a bit of an obsessive when it comes to things being done when they are supposed to be done but come on! We need to know! 

The birthday went well. The Emoji cake turned out far better than expected and A pronounced it as good as anything she could produce and has decided that I should now be perfectly capable of producing a Minion cake next year.  Twelve months is quite a long time and hopefully Minions will no longer be de rigeur. The high points of her day were the bumper pack of Sharpie pens from G&G and being sung to by the staff of Prezzo. She’s almost as easily pleased as her mother. Just in different ways (being sung to in a restaurant would be my idea of a ruined birthday). 

I have found myself wittering to strangers today. I had an appointment to have some bloods taken this morning and along with swinging my legs like a three year old (why does that always happen when my feet don’t touch the ground?) I nervously rambled on about I actually don’t know what to the poor woman doing the deed. I think she was thrilled that I have fast blood (it actually is) and the whole thing took no more than 5 minutes. And then in M&S cafe I had to make a call while Mrs F took herself off to peruse the bras. I hate making calls at any time but find it excruciating to do in public and found myself increasingly red faced. When I had ended the call I was aware of an older lady sitting at the adjacent table. For some reason I felt compelled to explain my redness and muttered something about being hot from sitting in the sunshine by the window there in the cafe. I then had to sit for a further 5 minutes while she extolled the virtues of the beautiful bright weather and the lighter mornings and evenings. I know what time her daughter leaves for and returns from work. Luckily her companion arrived and I was able to take my leave. “Lovely to meet you dear!” she called after me. Bless her. 



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