No snogging please, we’re parents

On Sunday night I was watching a couple of films in my bid to relax on Mothers Day, and there was a very small moment in one of the films where the two main characters kissed. Bearing in mind that both Jane Eyre and Pride and Prejudice are set in the days of chaperones and corsets I am sure you appreciate that this kissing scene was not at all risqué. However, the reaction it elicited from A was akin, I imagine, to that of Mary Whitehouse seeing two men kissing on TV in the 80’s.

She is at that age where any public displays of affection are “gross” and “disgusting” among other things. I remember T going through this phase and hiding his face so he didn’t have to witness the horror of Ron Weasley snogging Lavender Brown.

The funniest part of A’s response was the statement of which she was almost 100% certain of – ” It’s disgusting kissing someone else’s face like that and getting their slobber all in your mouth. I’m sure you and dad have never kissed like that”. There was a slight question mark at the end but I didn’t acknowledge it. K and I are not big on PDA’s (Public Displays of Affection). (Perhaps if we were she would be less disturbed?) No-one wants to think of their parents kissing (or worse) but I found nothing upsetting about Mr Rochester kissing Jane Eyre (it was quite beautiful in fact) or Mr Darcy kissing Elizabeth Bennett. In fact, bring back period drama style kissing. A lot of modern films could be greatly improved by a bit of heartfelt, rugged “You must allow me to tell you how ardently  I admire you” style kissing.

Just not by your parents.




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