My Mothers Day bird feeder station has been in position now since Saturday afternoon. It is just by a bush at the back of the decking so I can see it from my make-shift office in the dining room. I’ve been working at home all week (apart from a few hours on Tuesday) and there have not been any takers. Yesterday, I got a bit excited as a big wood pigeon sat on the deck railing perusing the various feeders hanging on the pole but flew off without partaking in any of the goodies on offer. Disappointed.

This morning I started early as I had an appointment and needed to make a head start on things as I had a busy day the day before. A couple of blackbirds came and sat on the deck railing as Mr Wood Pigeon had done the day before but like him they went off empty-handed (or empty beaked as it were). Then all of a sudden, from nowhere, a lovely little robin appeared and he went for it! Fat balls were pecked at good and proper. I was so excited I’m surprised my squealing didn’t send him flying off in fear of his life. He was quickly followed by the blackbirds who had come back for another look. Then a tiny bird which I can only think was a tit of some sort came along to join the party.

And finally, big old Mr Wood Pigeon returned. I was concerned he would make the whole structure topple over judging by the size of him, but he perched quite elegantly for such a big bird and had a good nibble at the nuts.

After Googling “how long does it take birds to use a new feeder?” yesterday and not being very encouraged by the answers (it can take weeks, apparently) I am thrilled that so many little (and not so little) visitors have come to use it today. I am now worried that I am going to be constantly distracted by the to-ing and fro-ing and will get little done on the work front from now on. But another part of me is a little bit chuffed that my feeder is already so popular. Take that Google.

(N.B. also slightly worried that I have written sentences referring to balls and nuts without a hint of irony).



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