Road Trip

Friday’s are always good days for me (apart from the one a few weeks ago that involved THAT procedure but the less said about that the better other than to say that I have had the all clear and just need to manage my symptoms) and this Friday just gone was no exception. In fact it was better than the average Friday by far.

The reason? Mrs F and I took a trip to the lovely Dorset coast (not that we saw anything of the actual coast thanks to the fabulous British weather) to see the even more lovely Miss T and Little Miss J. I would like to say that as much as I tried to conjure up my inner Susan Sarandon we really were just Mrs B and Mrs F in a car driving on the M3. Nothing vaguely Thelma and Louise about us I’m afraid. Although, I like to think I could beat someone up in a car park if necessary, I’m glad I haven’t yet had to prove it. Anyway, I digress.

It’s been a few months since I last saw Miss T and Little Miss, and even longer for Mrs F so we were understandably excited to see them both. And what a lovely day. Miss T looks and clearly feels fab, and has got this mummy lark sorted. Little Miss is an absolute little charmer and is a very happy bunny, thriving on the love and care she is getting from her very capable mummy. So very pleased for them both. It was an absolute pleasure to spend the day with them both and getting involved in the day to day stuff. We went swimming and splashed around  a bit. I didn’t really enjoy taking my two swimming when they were very small as it was all a bit too much, but it was a different ball game with Little Miss. She loves the water (that always helps – much less stressful than a child who is scared to get their face wet – yes T, I am talking about you) and jumps in off the side straight into the water without batting an eyelid. Just brilliant. A lovely, lovely day.

I enjoy road trips with Mrs F for several reasons.

  1. She brings sweets. Not just one pack – an assortment. And I get to choose. I don’t get the dregs that no-one else wants.
  2. She keeps me calm when I get lost. We get lost a lot when we are out as we are too busy talking to concentrate on where we are going.
  3. She swears at the satnav with me and we laugh at her posh voice. (The satnav’s not Mrs F’s).
  4. She doesn’t feel the need to fill every silence. We can sometimes go a few miles without talking. Not often but sometimes.
  5. She understands the need for toilet stops. And she doesn’t moan that her DVD is going to have to be restarted from the beginning due to the engine being switched off. (Obviously she doesn’t watch DVD’s when we are out together, you know who I mean).
  6. She takes her slippers with her. Nothing more to say about that.
  7. She doesn’t mind me pootling along in the slow lane when it is p*****g it down with rain.
  8. She doesn’t mind when I squeal a little bit when I have to pass a big lorry in the p*****g rain.
  9. She doesn’t mind if we are a little bit late home due to the pootling.
  10. I can’t leave the list at 9 (not acceptable). She makes me believe that I’m not a bad driver. And that’s a real skill.

thelma louise

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