Sort outs/out of sorts

Something has got into my husband over the last week. He’s taken it upon himself to rid the house of rubbish. (Don’t worry,  I’m still living there; it’s not that drastic a clear out.) He’s been in the loft, the garage, the shed. And anything that we are not likely to use ever again have been piled up ready to dump or attempt to flog to some poor unsuspecting punter. Needless to say, yours truly hasn’t been able to just sit idly by while this was all going on. I have been in charge of final decisions, photographing and listing. He does all the ladder climbing, spider avoiding and heavy lifting. I shouldn’t complain (I know I haven’t as yet, but I know that you can sense my tone) but it really bugs the hell out of me that the majority of this crap stuff is crap stuff that he has brought home or that he has refused on numerous other occasions to part with.

Whether it’s the weather that has done this to him (and, consequently, me) I don’t know. I suspect there is an element of the weather being OK enough to enable it all to be dragged out onto the patio to sort through. I suspect that the brighter days and longer evenings have sparked a desire to have everywhere feeling less cluttered. Whatever it is that has sparked it, he’s been a busy bee on his week off and everywhere does feel better.

I have definitely benefited from this in one way – I now have a dedicated work-space again. The powers that be at work have declared an office embargo for the summer as it gets so bloody hot in there. So, from now until September I am officially working from home every day. Having got rid of my desk in the dining room overhaul last year, I have been sitting at the dining table. This is generally fine for a couple of days a week but my new-found space in the games room/den/summer room/extension-bit is much better. I can tuck myself out of everyone’s way and we don’t have to eat around my computer every night. Not sure how it will work in the actual summer when A will no doubt want to reclaim the room as her own, but that is a bridge to cross nearer the time. It’s looking likely that the office will be let go of in October when the lease is due for renewal so a more permanent home work space will be needed; assuming the business itself continues. I hope it does, but am not ruling out the need to find alternative employment in the not too distant future. Nothing has been said, it’s just a feeling I have got. Hopefully, I don’t have my Nan’s “abilities” and I am totally barking up the wrong tree.

Maybe that “feeling” has had something to do with it but, I’ve been really out of sorts this last week or so. Admittedly, I always find this time of year a bit of a pain in the butt. We’re in the in-between part of the year where the weather can be nicer, where we have to start shedding layers and revealing the pasty white skin. I hate this. In a month when I have managed to get my tshirt tan I won’t feel so bothered, but this initial shift from spring layers to full on summer clothes is never an easy transition for me. I hate digging out the vest tops and cropped trousers. Urgh. This, added to the sorting out and changing around has all got too much. I may just need to lay down in a darkened room until it’s all over….. Or perhaps I just need to get a grip and stop being daft.




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