Mad-mum moment

Yesterday I had a bit of a moment. A had been invited to a friends birthday treat straight from school and I needed to go into Harpenden to collect something from Boots so asked T if he would like me to pick him up from school “and we could go and get a milkshake or something together”. His face was a mix of “god how do I tell her I don’t want to” and disbelief that I had put him in this awkward position. He mumbled, “er….thanks but er…”.                                                                                                                                                 “You’d rather get the bus?” I choked out in a strangled cat voice.                           “Er….yeah.”                                                                                                                                                  “Oh ok….well I’ll see you later then.” And off I wandered, dejectedly, to get in the shower. Behind the firmly closed bathroom door I have to confess to a small whimper and a little tear. My boy would rather get the bus than go into town with me to get a milkshake. And then it dawned…of COURSE he bloody would! He’s nearly 14! He’s hyper-aware of how embarrassing that would be. Imagine being seen by school friends going into Nice (or wherever; other milkshake bars DO exist) with his…his…. MUM…! The horror. I wiped away my tear and pulled myself together and just as I was about to poke my head out the door and say sorry for being a numpty and for putting you in that awkward position my lovely lad, I heard the front door close behind him. Too late.

As it turned out I was leaving Harpenden just as he was leaving school, so I texted him to call me before getting on the bus. The nervous reply “why?” came back and then the phone rang. I explained my location and that I would just pick him up, don’t worry, no embarrassing trips to that place, just home. And so he agreed. Not massively reluctantly, lets face it, who would really rather get on a smelly, hot, crowded bus than sit in a cool air conditioned car with your ear buds in. Even if it meant you had a complete nutter sitting next to you smiling at you every few minutes because she was happy to have you there. 



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