Reasons to be cheerful (part two)

Have used this title before hence the Part Two.

My girl is a perceptive bunny and picked up on the fact that I’d been a bit off par (see Totes Emosh) and when I went to bed on Tuesday night (feeling a whole lot happier after Book Club, albeit a rather diminished group) I found this on my bedside table:-


I say perceptive, I suspect the sniffling had somewhat given me away. But anyway she is a thoughtful girl (despite often being the source of a lot of my frustration and being the one who talks to me like I am something unpleasant stuck to the bottom of her shoe…) and she does make me feel that maybe, just maybe, beneath it all I am doing something right.

(Note: I’m not sure she’s completely got me sussed yet as I do hold grudges. For ages.)

(Note: Spelling error for number 6 but I quite like it.Perhaps we can ask for a rewrite of the Oxford English Dictionary. Not loving the “text speak” ur and u. But I am old skool.)

(Note: I haven’t shown what’s over the page as it contains nickname details that I do not wish to disclose, ever.)



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