Be boring

I cry at 24 hours in A&E. I cry at the loss and the tragedy that happens in people’s lives. I cry at the strength and love that people show for their loved-ones. It makes me incredibly sad and yet hopeful all in one hour.

A few days ago I learnt that the son of a local family has died. I don’t know the family well; they are familiar faces but I can’t call them friends. I can’t claim to have any insight into how they are feeling. I can only imagine how I would feel and it makes me very, very sad. Their son was by all accounts a lovely young man and was clearly loved by many people. The news has spread quickly as all tragic news does in small villages and T has heard what happened. We have spoken about how sad it is and how devastating for the family. I just can’t stop thinking about it.

And what I want to tell my son is this: ” Be boring. Don’t be the kid that drives the car too fast and doesn’t come home. Be boring. Don’t be the kid who drinks too much and doesn’t come home. Be boring. Don’t be the kid that takes the pill and doesn’t come home. Be boring.”

I know it’s not realistic. I know he will want to do stupid things. I know it is a part of becoming an adult to make mistakes (and keep on making them). I know there is nothing wrong with taking chances, if you are prepared to accept the consequences; if you know what the consequences are and you can make a sound, sober judgement. I know I can’t protect him from every danger, every temptation.But, I hope to god that he will know that it is not important to worry about what other people think. I hope to god he will decide that he doesn’t want to take a chance on something that could stop him from coming home. I will worry every time he goes out to a pub or a club or just out, wherever. I will hope to god he comes home.

My heart goes out to the family; there are no words.




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