Boot camp

Two words that until this morning would strike fear through my core. But with my new “give it a go” attitude and a lot of encouragement from Mrs L, I went along and well, gave it a go.

I am very glad that I did and I even surprised myself. I haven’t run anywhere for 30 years. I used to worry about the kids running off when they were small as I knew that I wouldn’t be able to catch them up. I used to make excuses when they were older and wanted to run around at the park. I used to say my back hurt or I just used to simply say I couldn’t. (What a great role model!)

I hated running at school. I can still hear the (evil) PE teacher yelling “you should be able to run better than that with those long legs of yours!” And in my head I would be yelling back “oh eff off you old cow. I may have long legs but I must have tiny little lungs!”. Yep, me and running were not good friends.

Back to today. I was quickly identified as a newbie and was partnered up with another lady who has only recently joined the group. The instructor (who does three sessions a week for these ladies totally out of the goodness of his heart) was very patient and explained what he wanted the pair of us to do. The most important instruction was “don’t worry about what anyone else is doing. We don’t make comparisons here. You are competing only against yourself”. Woah. I like this man already and I’ve only been here 5 minutes. Then he asked me to run. Not so keen on him now. But I did run. And I ran again. And again. And the third time I beat my first (and second – both were the same) time. I was knackered but strangely exhilarated. We then did some squats and lunge type things and planked for a bit (I like planking, we did it at Pilates class) and then we had to run again. Further this time and uphill. Killer. But the second time I went further than the first time. And I didn’t keel over. Not quite. Luckily the instructor is a man who can see when someone has reached their limit and he told me I was done for the day. I like him again. He gave me some tips on how to keep myself from seizing up and hoped that I would come again. But only if I had enjoyed it. “Don’t bother if you didn’t because you won’t come more than a few times and then you’ll give up.” Hmm, he’s clearly met me before.

But I did enjoy it and I will be going again.


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