The end is in sight

A has two more weeks left to go at primary school. It’s been a busy week with end of year performances on 2 consecutive nights. I loved watching them and it was lovely to see kids I’ve known since they were babies up on stage performing. It was also lovely to know that I won’t have to do it again. I’ve been going to performances like this since T was in year 3 (6 years ago) and, because K hates to go to things like this and therefore will not go alone, I generally get to go to every performance. Even when they are only singing in the back row, you have to go and support them. But 6 years is a lot of performances.

And the next 2 weeks seem destined to be filled with assemblies, leavers parties, induction days (okay not all of those need to be plurals but in my head there is a LOT of stuff to go to) and it all involves transportation and organising. This means speaking to other parents. In case I hadn’t made myself clear on this before, I’m not a big fan of having to speak to other parents. I have friends who are parents, but we would be friends even if they weren’t parents (not that we would have met if they weren’t but I like them even though they are. OK?) But I would also rather not have to do ALL the to-ing and fro-ing, especially when there are 2 venues on the same day that A needs taking to and from. So I got over myself and put a request on our group facebook page (*shudders*) asking if anyone would like to do lift shares to the various outings. Nothing. No response at all. (You can see when people have seen your post so I know it hadn’t been sucked into some weird Facebook black hole. They just didn’t respond. Luckily a friend (who is also a parent) contacted me by phone to ask if I would like to lift share with her (our daughters are friends) so I am now sorted. But I was still a teeny, tiny bit miffed (ok ragingly p****d off) when I saw a message on the group thing asking if anyone could lift share. Hello? Did I not ask this? Did you not see it? My instinct was to ask this. I didn’t. I’m chicken. I’m also counting down the days until I can officially leave the group without causing offence (not that they would probably notice and actually, why do I care if they do?) In 2 weeks time I will not need to have contact with any of the non-friend parents, unless I am unfortunate enough that they have children in A’s form and then I will see them once (at the initial meeting at school). This makes me sounds very unsociable (I am), very grumpy (I’m not) and a bit of a whinger (I can be) but it’s all just wearing very thin.

Since T has been at secondary school the only time I see any non-friend parents is at parents evening. Once a year. It’s bliss (not parents evening, the lack of contact). Sports day is not open to parents; there are no end of year performances (well, not that I know of – drama is not high on T’s list of enjoyable pursuits); I don’t get asked to help at summers fairs; I don’t feel obliged to attend concerts or open evenings. Perfect for the unsociable parent. I suspect that A may be inclined to get more involved in school activities than T but I don’t envisage the level of parental involvement that I have had to endure for the last 11 years since our family began it’s school journey. And it has been an endurance test at times. The playground is a hard place to be and I will not miss it.





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