The last…..


Woke my girl up this morning (as I do most mornings) and she grumbled (as she does most mornings) and then when she realised I wasn’t going away (same old, same old) she muttered “last Monday ever at MVS”. I asked her if that made her feel happy or sad and she said “no different to normal, it’s just another day”. That’s my girl. She’s so matter of fact about everything and takes it all in her stride. I am already feeling the first signs of anxiety (knotty stomach and lumpy throat*) as it feels like such a huge moment, but she is just the same. I’m so glad she doesn’t take after me.

However, as the week progresses, they will be doing and more and more “lasts” and preparations for the Leavers Assembly are underway. I am glad we are going away as soon as they break up as I think it will then hit her that it’s all over and she will be knackered, a bit emotional and a change of scenery will do her good.

As for me, I am very glad the sun is shining and is set to continue to do so – I will be in need of my sunglasses!


(* I get a bizarre feeling in my throat when I am anxious. It first happened when K and I were getting married and I was frantic with all the planning – we were also trying to move house at the same time which in hindsight was crazy – and I found that I had trouble swallowing. I convinced myself that I had throat cancer and went to the docs expecting her to say that I had weeks left to live. Instead she asked if I was under any stress at all? Er, just a bit. And that was the answer. I took Kalms for a while and it went away. But it always seems to come back when I am a bit worked up about something, and every time I notice it my first thought is always the same as when I first had it – i.e. horrible death is imminent – until I remember and then it all makes sense.)



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