The end of an era 

Today I waved A off from the front door as she left to walk up to primary school for the last time. She was very tired this morning after a busy day yesterday; leavers assembly and then a water fight/bbq evening at school. 

The leavers assembly was fine. They were given their leavers hoodies and survival packs (little novelty things e.g a rubber because we all make mistakes – you know the kind of thing) and we saw some photos of days gone by and the teachers had recorded some messages. There was an underlying theme in most of the messages that they had been a “challenging” and difficult class but that there had been some good times and some happy memories. That kind of put a bit of a dampener on the whole proceedings and I’m pleased to say I didn’t shed a tear. Not one. A’s experience of school has been very different to T’s. Don’t get me wrong, she’s loved her time there but it IS a “challenging” class and there are some characters that have, at times, made life difficult. I don’t feel the same fondness that I felt for most of the kids in T’s class. I have been wavering between desperation for her to leave and sadness that she is old enough to leave. Today, and after the assembly yesterday, the overriding feeling is most definitely one of relief. The only point at which I nearly (very, very nearly but not quite) cracked was when we were leaving the school through the main gates (for the very last time, for me) and the head teacher gave me a hug and said “it’s the end of an era”. It is. It’s been a long and sometimes painful journey but I DO have a lot to thank the school for (there are some amazing members of staff) and I will always be grateful for the care that they have shown both of the children. 

The end of an era. And the beginning of a new, exciting, certainly not trouble-free one. But first: the summer holidays. Hurrah. 


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