So far so good

Those of you that know how worried I’ve been about our summer holiday will be very pleased to hear that a) we were booked onto the right flight b) we did get collected at the airport c) our villa does exist and we were expected by the owners. 

In addition to this remarkable feat of planning and organising by K, it was all pretty easy and seamless and the villa is, well, it’s pretty bloody nice. It has got three bedrooms (we weren’t convinced) so thankfully the kids don’t have to share; the pool is bigger than a bath; the location isn’t so remote as we feared and we are able to walk to the supermarket (the rate we’re getting through water and food, this is a godsend); the staff are very helpful and we the few queries we’ve had have been sorted quickly (more pillows – why are there never enough pillows? – and a replacement for the broken kettle. Note to self: learn the Spanish for kettle for future visits.) There’s a free shuttle bus into town and to the beach and last night we had a nice dinner out courtesy of me being bold and brave. 

“Bold and brave?” I hear you cry. Indeed I was. Not renowned for my social attitude on holiday (or at home for that matter) I am normally the last person to strike up a conversation with a fellow holidaymaker. However, last night, perhaps emboldened by the pint of local beer (lager) that I’d downed in ten minutes while waiting for the afore-mentioned shuttle bus, on arrival in the town with another family who had also hopped on the bus, I found myself blurting to the dad/husband of the party “is there anywhere you can recommend food wise?” I know!!!  How completely unexpected. I shocked myself. Luckily the man wasn’t so shocked and happily reeled off a list of “reasonable”, “decent” establishments along with a tip on how to get a cheaper meal at the local Indian. We opted for a fish and steak place and had a very nice meal indeed. Another beer with the meal and a complimentary something strong and liquer-ish while paying the bill was all rather nice too. Maybe I should speak to strangers more often. 

Another day today of poolside relaxing and in-pool cooling off; with a few minor arguments and a bit of horseplay thrown in for good measure; accompanied by starting my second book of the holidays (I’m on track to finish the ten that I’ve downloaded) and a spot of colouring in my ‘little book of calm colouring’. Happy days. 


One thought on “So far so good

  1. gilllilley

    I’m so happy it has all gone to plan. I’m even more pleased that you are able to publish your blog entries with photos. Have a wonderful, relaxing time. You deserve it.😊☀️


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