A rose by any other name 

We have nicknames in our family. They become quite “normal”quite quickly even though they change fairly frequently but it’s not until you go away on holiday that you realise that to other people they may sound a bit strange. K is currently referred to by the children as Panda. Don’t ask me why. I don’t think they could tell you either. But Panda he is and once a habit of calling someone a certain name is formed it’s hard to stop. I suspect the people in the villa next to us (we now have neighbours after 3 days on our own) are a little bit bemused at the shouts of “Come on Panda – jump in!” etc. 

This reminded me of a holiday we went on when we were kids: mum, dad, Paul and I. I’m not sure where we were – Cornwall possibly – but Dad was going through a phase of calling Paul the name Jim. I think it stemmed from the longer name of Sonny Jim but where that comes from I have no idea. Anyway, there was another group staying at the same place as us, a B&B possibly, and they’d got chatting to mum and dad over the course of the holiday. One day they asked my dad if he could clear up a query they had. “What is your son’s actual name? Is it Jim or Paul? We’re a bit confused”. My dad had to confess that it was actually Paul. I don’t know if he explained the Jim thing but I don’t think we used nicknames much in public after that. 

At least no-one will be wondering if K’s name could actually be Panda. Or could they?! 


2 thoughts on “A rose by any other name 

  1. Mum

    Oh you did give us a laugh!!! It was St. Austell in Cornwall and it was Dennis with his two lady companions, wife and wife’s sister!!!! If you remember Dennis said they used to do a tour of a car park until they decided where to park, so now if Dad dithers I tell him he is “doing a Dennis”!!!! xxxx


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