Here we go again

We got back from our holiday on Sunday morning around 2am. I’d managed to get most of the (minimal) amount of dirty washing that we had (the joys of living in two pairs of shorts and a couple of swimming costumes) cleaned and dried on Friday in the space of an hour so I only had towels and a few other bits to wash on our return. G&G had dropped round on Saturday with a few vital supplies so I didn’t have to worry about shopping. All good. So we spent the day unpacking, putting away, sitting in the sun for an hour or so and had a cuppa at G&G’s in the afternoon with Uncle P and his family (they are off on their hols on Tuesday and needed their flight bag back that we had borrowed).

Then – BAM –  it was back to earth with a very unwelcome bump. We had banking to do, bills to pay, car insurance to renew and a shopping delivery to arrange. Talk about a cold, hard slap around the face. *Slap* “You’re home now, no more laying around on the beach with just where the next cold beer is coming from to worry about”. *Slap*

Why is always so brutal? I think we should be able to ease back into these things in a much more gentle way. Maybe going back to work for a half day for the first week. And the bank could say “don’t worry about your finances for the next few weeks, just while you get back into the swing of things”. Not sure how we would get the shopping done, ordering online seems lazy enough, but would be nice if the stuff all just magically appeared in the cupboards and fridge.

I am sad to be back in the routine of life. I am sad that it only seems like a few hours since I was last sitting out here, listening to the radio and wondering how our holiday was going to turn out.

But, in a bid to be positive, I am grateful for the fab two weeks that we had and will look back on with very happy memories; and  I am only working from home; I haven’t had to arrange childcare (in fact they are both still in bed); I am sitting in the office room with the patio doors open and the birds are singing. Much to be cheerful about.







One thought on “Here we go again

  1. Mum

    Oh bubs!!! That is just how it is and there is much to be glad about enjoy every minute of every day remember when you started your blog it was to find one thing that made you happy in that day!!! We are really glad you are home how selfish is that!!!! Love you loads xxxxx


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