Stepping up/Team TB 

I’ve never really considered our family as a “team”. We’re great and we love each other; we like spending time together: bike rides, walks, mealtimes, movie nights, etc. But a team? Hmm, I think we bicker too much to be able to call ourselves a team. At least I did until the “big break”. 

It’s a well known fact in our family that K doesn’t do illness. He doesn’t know how to handle someone when they’re ill. If I’m under par with a bad migraine or when my tummy troubles have been at their worst he’s never big on the tea and sympathy. But we’ve been together 20 years and so my expectations are low and realistic. He’s not so bad with the kids but as he’s normally out at work all day he doesn’t really ever have to get hugely involved. 

To say that he’s stepped up to the plate (crappy Americanism but struggling to think of a good old fashioned British alternative, I blame the lack of sleep) in the last 3 days would be an understatement. He’s stepped up to the plate and smashed that bugger out of the park. When I called him from the ambulance he left work immediately (unfortunately, he was in Basingstoke so not the quickest journey to make when your son’s on his way to A&E) and wanted to know what I needed him to do. 

Since that moment he’s been amazing: he’s been on pee duty, he’s held “the leg” (as its affectionately known for now until we can come up with a suitable stupid name for it) when T needs to move himself into a different laying position in bed, he’s held “the leg” while I help T change his underwear, and far more besides (stuff that I don’t really want to expand on in this setting). But more than that; he’s keeping him company, he’s making him smile, he’s being incredibly supportive – in short he’s being a bloody good dad. He’s always been a good dad, don’t get me wrong, but right now he’s stellar. 

And my little Florence Nightingale can’t do enough to help. She’s taking trays of food up to T, checking that he has water and asking if he needs anything. She’s trying to make him laugh and she keeps checking in on him. She’s helping me immensely with getting dinners, chores and moral support. She’s very good at moral support. 

The Beddoe Four really are working as a team. We’ve proved to ourselves that, when we need us, we’re here for us. And more. I’m proud of my family. I hope we will be able to keep it up for the duration. I think we will. At the end of the day, we all want T to make a speedy recovery and be back up and part of the team. Forget Team GB. Team TB are the ones to route for. 

p.s. I have been overwhelmed by the thoughtfulness of people around us: our parents, our neighbours, friends and even complete strangers. It’s so lovely to feel so cared for by people outside our little world and I’m genuinely touched. 


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