Music to my ears

I took a phone call on my mobile whilst in the office today. I don’t normally answer when I get calls with Unknown Number on the screen but I have had a couple of calls over the last week from T’s head of year about the leg thing and they have been Unknown so I have had to stop my habit of simply not answering – if it’s important they’ll leave a message surely?) Unfortunately, this means that I have to take all unsolicited calls and so fully expecting another call from the Audi showroom in Cardiff about my Q3 (I don’t have a Q3, or in fact an Audi of any description and we live nowhere near Wales so figure that one out) I answered with some reservations.

“Mrs Beddoe?”.


“This is Mrs Gray from Roundwood Park”

“Hello…..” (racking my brains for some idea on subject…..come on ….subject surely I should know this stuff?)

“I’m ringing to talk to you about A.” (oh dear god…..)


“I’m her music teacher and have taught her for the first time today and each day I choose a student to be my Student of the Day.”

“Right….?” (music? did I hear her right?)

“And A has been absolutely brilliant today – enthusiastic, involved, interested and just generally really great. And I like to call to tell parents when their child has been particularly noteworthy”.

“Oh, thank you that’s lovely” (Music? Music?)

“No problem, that was all I wanted really, nice to speak to you”.

“OK thanks. Bye!” (I’ve only uttered less than 10 words but yes, lovely to speak to you too.)

Who knew that they did this? Is it just this teacher? T had a couple of postcards from the Language Department over the course of 3 years saying he was doing well, etc. But a phone call? Never. (Not comparing the children at all here. I just didn’t know that schools did this!)

But blimey, what a lovely call and I will definitely try and be less cagey next time I get an Unknown Caller. Until I hear that they have a Welsh accent.







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