Celebrations, camping expeditions and new additions

On Saturday it was G&G’s 50th Wedding Anniversary. Fifty years! That sounds such a long time. It IS a long time. We had a lovely lunch out at a local restaurant where we were able to use their private dining room. (Just as well as the kids are LOUD. Why do children have to talk so loudly? My poor ears were very sore by the end of the lunch so thank god we didn’t subject all of the other diners to it!!) G&G seemed to enjoy the meal and they also seemed pleased with the gift of tickers to see Sunny Afternoon – a musical celebrating the era and music of The Kinks – and an up to date framed photo of the grandchildren.G&G are not ones for big fusses and parties so the lunch was the perfect compromise. I am in awe of the longevity of their marriage and can only hope that K and I are such best friends and so caring of each other as G&G are after another 35 years.

Yesterday,  A went off on her first trip with RPS. It is a Bushcraft “experience” billed as Camp Wilderness. As you probably know, if you have been reading my blog for any length of time or know me at all, we are not a family of campers. We will “glamp” on occasion and we are not averse to the great outdoors, but we’re not into mud or getting soaked. Or sleeping on thin mats in an inadequate sleeping bag under a flimsy material covering. So, with some trepidation we packed her up with the warmest sleeping bag that we had (which in fact should be fab as it is so big for her she can double it up and be very toasty) a roll mat and the most camping-suitable clothes that she has. Walking boots were not a problem and she has T’s old wellies. She should be fine. It has been raining for most of the night so I am not sure how well she will have slept. Hopefully they will all be so knackered that they will sleep through anything! The itinerary sounds packed and she will like the camp fires in the evening – we like a nice fire! We will find out all about it when she gets back tomorrow. Unless she is so tired that she just wants a bath and bed!

On Thursday we are back at the fracture clinic with T to see if a change of cast is in order and to hopefully get some sort of time frame as to how much longer he will be in plaster for. He’s still managing brilliantly (even managed the very steep and curved stairs up to the dining room at the restaurant on Sunday) but if he is able to get a lighter and potentially shorter cast on Thursday then life will be easier for him.

In other news, my middle niece E (K’s brothers middle daughter) has gone into labour today. I am willing her an easy time of it. She’s just turned 18 but she’s still a baby in my eyes and I think she’s been incredibly brave and admire her immensely for going through with the unplanned and wholly unexpected pregnancy. I am slightly perturbed at the idea of being a great-aunt at the age of 44 but it’s exciting to think we will have another little addition to the family very soon.




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