Progress and plans

We are making progress. The leg has been given the thumbs up from the clinic and a new shorter cast has been put on, with another appointment in 4 weeks to hopefully say goodbye to the cast (and the clinic) for good! I cannot tell you how relieved I am for T and for our family as a whole.

The new cast is a big improvement. T has a painful knee and is being nagged by me and K to keep bending it to get the movement back into it, but understandably it is not pleasant for T and he is making slow progress with it. He can bear his weigh on it and is being encouraged to walk on it – with his crutches; he’s got a VERY skinny left leg – his thigh is like jelly and very thin but already showing signs of improvement. But, crucially, he is much more mobile and can sit in the front of the car rather than being stretched out across the entire back seat. This also means that the planned car share with my friend E can now begin as was intended at the start of the new term.

But even more importantly than that, we can make plans. We can actually plan stuff and – all being well – we will be able to see them through to fruition. Our first plan is to have a short break (hate using that word now, with it’s far different connotations) and we have booked a few nights in a cottage in Suffolk for part of October half term. We don’t care if it rains all day. We will sit in our cottage with the wood-burner going and we will RELAX. We will eat fish and chips and take very, very slow strolls on the beach. We’ve found somewhere with a downstairs loo and a walk in shower so T will be accommodated for brilliantly. It is inevitable that he will have a very stiff, painful ankle when the cast eventually comes off for good and will undoubtedly need physio to get it moving so we are not expecting long walks or cycling for some time. But it will be fab just to be away and not think about anything other than what to eat for tea (fish and chips of course!).

I cannot speak highly enough of the 2 lovely men in the Plaster Room at the clinic. They remembered T from our first visit when he had his cast completed and lengthened and who can forget “the handle”? They made him comfortable, talked him through the whole process, what to expect, etc. They stopped when he was in pain, they joked and laughed with him and put him at ease and were generally just bloody brilliant. In all of this pretty bloody awful situation I am still overwhelmed by how caring and reassuring the majority of the hospital staff that we have had contact with have been. Heroes, every one of them. But particularly Ade and Dave – the Plaster Guys.

In other news:-

K and I are now officially Great-Uncle and Great-Aunt. Our niece, E, had a gorgeous baby boy last week and both are doing well. We are planning to visit just as soon as T can make the long journey.

A had her first visit to her new friends house on Friday followed by the school year 7 disco. She had a fab time and the friend is coming to ours on Tuesday. I am so pleased that she has made new friends. We have been saying for so long that life will be different when she starts secondary school and so far we have not been wrong. Long may it continue.

I managed to hit 10,000 steps for the first time in months on Thursday after an impromptu walk with Mrs F in the evening. She had passed her Ofsted inspection and is allowed to continue childminding (never any doubt about that but great to be made official) and I was feeling done in by the euphoria of the cast news so we went for a walk to catch up. It was so dark by the time we were halfway home along the country lanes at the back of the village but we were brave bunnies and didn’t call for backup. Proud.





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