These boots (Converse) were made for walking….

….and that’s just what I’ll do.

Well, something like that anyway.

Today the kids have an occasional day off from school. Last night was Open Evening where prospective new students and their parents are able to come and look around the school, guided by current students like A. So today, they have the day off while staff get the school back to normal. I always find Open Evening a bit of a puzzle. I understand that it is important for the school to show off and hopefully attract as many students as possible but I also think that for prospective students/parents it would be far more beneficial to see the school “warts and all” with lessons going on as usual and noise in the canteen – surely this gives the newcomers a far more realistic idea of the school. Of course, tours can be organised during the school day which is fine, and obviously the school can’t have hordes and hordes of people traipsing around during a normal school day as this would be far too disruptive. But this whole putting on a show thing is a bit daft.

Anyway, getting back to the reason for the blog. Where was I? Oh yes, both the kids are off. For the past three years we have had the situation where one is off and the other is at school for inset and occasional days (not sure what the difference is…anyone?) as these never seem to coincide across the whole of the schools. And it’s sometimes been quite nice to have a day on my own with one of them. On the other hand it’s a pain to have to get one, usually narky because they have to go to school, child up while the other languishes in bed. It seemed a bit unfair really. Especially if the child going to school catches a sniff of the plans for fun with the other child while they are at school. See? Not really fair. So I have been looking forward to them both having the same schedule and same holidays. and today has proved me right. Lie-ins all round (well apart from K but that’s just the way the cookie crumbles), watching Bake Off in bed with A. All Very Relaxing. I have made them make use of the time to get up to date with homework (boo, hiss) and I have been to Aldi to do the weekly shop with A. To be fair, if T wasn’t still incapacitated (he hates that word but there is really no better one) we would probably have done something a bit more fun with our time, but he is incapacitated so we haven’t. Anyway,  back to the reason for the blog.

Since both the kids are off, I have been able to escape for half an hour for a walk. Yes, a walk! For the first time in around 10 weeks I have been out, on my own, for a walk. Just me and my ear buds. I thoroughly enjoyed my walk with Mrs F last week and it was a good long old walk that made me really feel like I had done some good, and obviously we laughed more than I do on my own. But it is nice to be back in my old routine of my half hour daily walk. I think the fact that I have some cracking new tunes on my playlist really helps. There is some bloody excellent music out at the moment and I don’t think that it is coincidence that it all seems to be by old bands that are making a comeback. I’ve got Deacon Blue on there (who remembers Real Gone Kid from the Eighties?) and there’s some Kaiser Chiefs (brilliant) and Travis. Travis! Bloody love Travis and they are just as good as ever. Best one of all has to be Tom Chaplin (he of baby face fame from Keane) who has written the most beautiful and poignant song to his small daughter. He tells her “If you crash land in the quicksand I will pick up up, I’ll pull you out. And if the world shakes, your brittle heart breaks, we will patch it up, we’ll work it out”. Just perfect.

So I’ve been back pounding the pavements, with a big old silly smile on my face and probably panting quite heavily as I can’t hear myself breathing when I have my ear buds in and subsequently don’t know that I am panting – apart from my chest heaving. That sort of gives me a clue. Hopefully, if I manage to get into a new routine and manage my five sessions a week I will be panting less fairly soon.Need to stop A baking though – just came in to the smell of salted caramel cupcakes baking in the oven and the sight of chocolate shards cooling in the fridge! Yumm, but not good for the big bum!



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