Swimming, peacocks and envelopes

Three things that have made me smile today


I’ve been for a swim before work. Yes, I know I seem to be coming up with some new exercise or diet thing every other week but this one MIGHT actually take off. On the days when I am not doing the school drop off I have decided to leave when the kids go and do some lengths at the pool at the hotel down the road and then get to the office or back home to start work. I really enjoyed it this morning and can feel muscles that haven’t been used for a while so that has to be good.


We have had the radio on in the office as usual at work today and Jeremy Vine was on at lunchtime – we normally turn over as he makes us all rant too much normally. Today (among other things) he was interviewing some people about the suspected killing of a village peacock called Pat. The whole 15 minute long section made me nearly cry with laughter. You had to hear it to get it, but trust me, for someone that lives in a village where complaints of crowing roosters (is that right?) and rampaging cows this was genius radio.


I had a customer send me a very ranty email (to be fair a lot of them are ranty but this one was particularly ranty) with no full stops in the entire 10 line long email. She was complaining that the free envelopes she was expecting with her order had not been sent. And she expressed this over 10 lines. She used the word envelope at least 20 times and I got the gist that she wasn’t happy. Luckily I know my ink (sad but true) and know that the envelopes are in the pack with the free paper and suspected she just hadn’t looked properly. I sent her some polite advice. While waiting for her reply she has become quite real for us in the office – we have been imagining her cats that she lives with, what they are called and the slippers that she wears. She has since emailed again, apologising for her error and praying that I will reply soon as she is really very sorry. I might leave it a few hours before I reply. Cruel? Me?

God, I’m easily amused.



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