Enrolled and discharged

Proud mum last week (I’m proud a lot of the time, but this was notable). T joined the local Police Cadets group around a month ago and this week he was issued with his uniform, after passing his formal interview. He came home wearing said uniform and I had a slight “oh my god” moment. From a very young age, like many small boys, he was adamant that he would be a police officer when her grew up. The ambition didn’t really dwindle, until he became old enough to watch the news and understand the world around him a bit more clearly. I think he has a more mature attitude towards the idea now and realises that it won’t necessarily be an exciting, heroic job chasing robbers or speeding cars, but one where he would likely be faced with some pretty awful and hazardous situations. His real passion at the moment is tech. He’s loving his Computing GCSE lessons and is flying through the Business Studies course (his teacher asked at parents evening on Thursday if he is going to go on to study it at A-level? He’s only just started the GCSE course!). So, I think he is keeping his options very much open but when the opportunity came up to join the cadets he jumped at it and is enjoying it so far. At his first session they learned about scenes of crime and how to secure and preserve evidence. This week they had a go at crowd control and riot procedures (using tennis balls as missiles). He has volunteered to help man a stall at the local Christmas Market next month and is hoping for the opportunity to marshal at other events in the coming months. Seeing him in his uniform was lovely; he looks incredibly grown up and it seems to give him a confidence that is wonderful to see. I am not allowed to post any pictures of him online (this goes against the code of conduct that we have both had to sign) so you will have to take my word for it.

On another note, a moment of sheer joy on Thursday. T has been discharged from the fracture clinic! After an X-ray (the radiographer remarked how well and how quickly his leg has healed) and a chat with the registrar he has been discharged with another 2 months reprieve from doing sports at school. For T this was the best part of the news – his group have just started the rugby module and he is not a keen rugby player. In his own words, “I am sure they won’t miss me on the pitch”. Although, I think he is equally un-enamoured at the thought of having to watch from the sidelines! For me, to know that he is healed and appears to have no lasting effects of spending 12 weeks in plaster, apart from a set of very stiff toe, is the best news of all and not to have to spend one more afternoon at the fracture clinic is very pleasing indeed. What has become of the longboard? I have waited until he was discharged to raise the subject again – we last spoke about it in the ambulance “burn it, mum” –  wondering if he would change his mind and consider giving it another go when the pain is a fairly distant memory. Thankfully, he is still adamant that it is to be sold. Relieved doesn’t even come close. I was not looking forward to having to cover him head to toe in bubble-wrap before allowing him out of the house! Joking aside, I know it was a freak accident that is unlikely to happen again, but why risk it? I have few qualms about him going off his bike (even that makes me a little nervous) but I really don’t think I could have relaxed for a second if he decided to give the board another go. So, I won’t be asking twice. Longboard anyone? Used twice. Open to offers.




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