A clean page

There’s quite a few things that I love about this time of year: the cosy feel in the house, with candles burning, tree lights twinkling, etc; the need to wear lots of layers to keep warm – far preferable to summertime when I have to wear shorter clothes; slippers (I used to be a bare-feet-all-year-round kind of girl but this year I am rarely parted from my furry friends but not with the addition of socks – a step too far); presents – I love getting the kids lists and seeing what they have put on there – planning and buying and wrapping.

One thing I REALLY love is the prospect of A New Diary. I love it when the current diary is getting towards the end. I particularly love it if the current diary doesn’t extend past December 31st as this means I have an excuse for starting next year’s diary even earlier, whereas if it has an extra page taking us into January then I feel obliged to use it.

I LOVE writing in the new diary – all the birthdays, events that we’ve already got planned, regular appointments/clubs/meetings etc. I always write really carefully (to start with) and sometimes (well, OK I did this once but couldn’t maintain it throughout the year so haven’t done it since) colour coding – birthdays in one colour, school stuff in another. Again, a step too far.

The prospect of a new diary makes me feel like we’re starting again.

I’m not a huge fan of New Years Eve (see Another year) and over the last few years have avoided making any resolutions as they have normally always failed. But, I do like the feeling of a new start in the new year, blowing away cobwebs from the previous year and trying to look at things with a fresh pair of eyes. I love New Years Day as we normally try and go out for a long walk somewhere, which literally blows the cobwebs away.

This year we have the horror joy of the extension to get through look forward to and so there is plenty to think about and make decisions on (and hope that we can afford to do). We have some other stuff planned too: a weekend in Center Parcs with G&G; nights out; a weekend away for K & I; and I have just fixed some dates with Miss T which are ready to go in the new diary.

A new diary. It can’t be rushed into. There are certain requirements: not too big, but big enough for space for more than one thing per day. We don’t really need one of those ones with a column per person as we’re not that busy (just how I like it) but there is the odd occasion where there is more than one thing each day, as much as I try and avoid it. Big enough for my writing which starts off quite neat but by February is just a scrawl. Small enough to fit on the side in the kitchen without anyone moaning about it being in the way. I don’t like calendars on the wall – you have to take them down to write in them and ANYONE visiting can see what you have planned for the entire month. I like to keep my lack of a social life to myself, thank you very much. Yes, a small but not too small, big enough but not too big, week-per-view diary, which lies flat when open. And preferably a nice colour.

Tomorrow, I have a few last minute things to get (not really last minute but I am NOT going to the shops after this weekend other than to pick up the turkey) so, tomorrow, I will start (and hopefully complete) the quest for the new diary.

I might even get a new pen to go with it.



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