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Modern Classic

At our last Book Club as couple of us had actually taken books. I know, what a novel idea (get it? Novel? Book Club? I’ll get my coat), but it does happen sometimes, when one of us has a particularly good one to pass on, or a particularly bad one that we want rid of our own book-case.

I have so many books on my shelf to read that, unless something really grabs me, I try and be strong and say “no”. On this occasion my lovely friend S had brought along Jamaica Inn by Daphne du Maurier. I read it when I was at school, in one of the years before I started GCSE’s, and I could only have been 13 at the most. I don’t remember enjoying it. I remembered that it was set in Cornwall and involved smugglers, but other than that I must have blanked it from my memory!

Intrigued to see what I would think of it some thirty-plus years later, I took it home and after finishing my current book I made a start, not expecting to get into it.

How wrong I was – I could not put it down.

What I would have seen as wordy and long-winded as a teen, I found to be atmospheric and spell-binding as an adult. I loved the twists and turns, the malevolent undertone all the way through, the suspense and the fear. It was gripping.

I have just finished it and was so pleased that although the ending was “happy” it was not wrapped up and tied with a ribbon. The reader knows that Mary still has a lot of battles ahead of her and that life with Jem is not going to be all hearts and flowers. Thank goodness! Who wants that?

I have now added to my Kindle through the Prime Reading library, Sense and Sensibility and Northanger Abbey. I have read both of these as a teen and seen the film of the former as an adult. Let’s see what I make of them now.

P.S. I am not a complete luddite, Jane Eyre is my all time favourite book, so I am not totally averse to a classic now and then 😉



A few weeks ago I got a tattoo. I know! Me. Forty-six year old me.

K has tattoos. He had several when I met him and they are part of who he is. They tell a bit of a story. He had one turned into something else around 2 years ago, as it wasn’t really him any more. The replacement tattoo is beautiful. It is based on a design that my cousin’s very talented artist wife made for an adult colouring book she was getting printed. She draws very detailed, weird and wonderful pictures which fascinate me. The design is of K’s zodiac sign and is perfect for him. Unsurprisingly, he re-caught the tattoo bug and has since had another, much bigger (a half sleeve in fact), tattoo based on a James Bond film that he loves. It features people dressed in Day of the Dead outfits, an Aston Martin etc. I don’t like it, but that is not important. We don’t have that sort of relationship where we tell each other what or what not to do. He also had another, small one, of my initial curling into a heart on the underside of his wrist. I love it.

I’ve always been interested in tattoos. When K had the cover up tattoo done I was a little jealous. I started thinking about whether I would ever be brave enough to have one and, if I was, what it would be of and where I would have it. I started a Pinterest board with ideas. When K went back to get his half sleeve finished off (he has spent nearly an entire day and a half over the course of several weeks with the tattooist to get it completed) I went with him. I still wasn’t 100% sure I was going to be able to go through with it but then I met Frank and saw the studio, saw the design he came up with and I decided to go for it. It’s on the underside of my wrist and it is the children’s and K’s initials intertwined with hearts dispersed between them. Sounds the same as K’s but it isn’t, it’s very different. It is unique and pretty and I feel like I have had it forever. K had offered to pay for it (I think he was slightly impressed by me for the first time in a long time) but when it came to it Frank said “no charge, she’ll be back, you can pay for the next one”. Watch this space.

My heart has broken a little bit on two occasions, this past week.

On Friday was the funeral of T’s friend’s dad. It was a tough thing to witness, seeing the grief of his family and friends. The church was packed to the rafters with barely even standing room – testament to what a lovely man he was. Seeing his son, T’s friend, bearing his fathers coffin was heartbreaking. T was stood behind me during the service and we grabbed each others hand at that point. Too much to bear.

On Thursday we had the news that my Nan was not doing well. She has had another infection and although she is comfortable and well looked after in the care home, she has deteriorated considerably. We arranged to go as a family (G&G, P and I) to see her on Saturday and I am glad we went together. It is just over two weeks since I last saw her in the hospital (the day before she was moved to the home) and it was a shock to see her. She is very frail and has lost a lot of weight, not eating much and drifting a bit. We have been told to expect that she may well drift away or she may rally round and recover a bit. We can only wait and see. But we have seen, Mum has managed to visit her (her leg is still painful and not able to walk without crutches), and all we can do is think positive thoughts for her. Very, very sad.

Valentines Day isn’t something that usually gets much attention in our house. K and I don’t bother with cards, let alone presents and we definitely don’t go out for a meal to celebrate. We save that for our anniversary and even then not so much. But this year T has a girlfriend and I helped him choose a necklace for her, and pointed him in the right direction for a card. I was quite keen to see “A Star is Born” but missed it when it was in the cinema. In a happy twist of fate (or excellent planning by the film company) it was released on DVD in time for Valentines so, with the assistance of A, K was prompted to purchase said DVD for me. I then realised I would have to reciprocate – chocolates are always a winner. And this year we even bought cards. Who said we can’t be romantic? I had to watch the film with A though (K did join us, feigning disinterest but actually quite enjoying it, I think.) I loved it.